Key Stage 1

My School Yoga provides KS1 sessions which are more story or thematic based to engage with younger children and link to literacy topics.

Physically the sessions will provide a range of opportunities to extend and develop their agility, balance and coordination, individually and with others becoming increasingly competent and confident as they become more familiar with the sessions.

Reinforcing numeracy skills, sequencing movements, recall tasks and creativity are just some of the skills which My School Yoga KS1 sessions provide.

Sessions introduce basic breathing, relaxation and mindfulness techniques creating awareness of emotions and gently introducing tools to self-manage those.

Please view the My School Yoga Pricing page for information on how to access the session videos.

5 Minutes

Take 5 to relax and calm gaining an insight into what My School Yoga sessions can offer you

15 Minutes

Begin to develop balance, agility and co-ordination with these quick 15 minutes sessions

30 Minutes

Practice which enables the growth of mindfulness emotional self-management in simple to follow sessions