Adults - Staff, Parents and Guardians

The health benefits of yoga are becoming well documented as a way to develop physical activity, improve strength and benefit posture. Importantly, yoga is also as a way to reduce stress and to improve mental and emotional well-being.

As staff, parents or guardians busy with work and family demands; My School Yoga sessions provide a great opportunity to take 5 min or up to an hour out of your day at any time to address those needs.


Stretch out and ease aching muscles, take the time to be aware of your breathing and use positive affirmations to take control of challenging emotions. The variety of sessions also build core strength and confidence or just the opportunity to try something new.

Please view the My School Yoga Pricing page for information on how to access the session videos.

5 Minutes

Quick 5 minutes sessions to fit into your busy day and provide a moment of calm and relaxation

15 Minutes

Begin to improve strength and benefit posture whilst developing techniques for emotional self-management

30 Minutes or More

Practice which enables the growth of core strength and confidence in simple to follow sessions