Children's Yoga

Valuable lifetime skills are developed in physical, mental and emotional self-awareness through practicing yoga.

Practicing yoga regularly enables children to stay active, manage their emotions and boost their confidence helping them to focus better, reduce anxiety and alleviate sleep problems and deal with confidence issues such as body image.

Yoga is taught in schools across the country as part of the PE & PHSE curriculum, an elective in an enrichment programme, or as a lunch time or after-school activity. This is an important value at My School Yoga which is why sessions link to the current Physical Education curriculum and objectives of PSHE.

My School Yoga enables the elements of yoga to be discovered and the recognition of the moments to use them.  This resource provides guided practices from 5 to 40 minutes in length which can be taken anywhere from the classroom to the living room.

Your yoga sessions are planned appropriately for key stages and adults then categorized by length and focus in order to provide the tailored practice which everyone deserves.

Yoga; When and where It Suits You

My School Yoga is an affordable and accessible way to bring yoga to all children in any size school – in the classroom, in the hall or at home.

By providing yoga sessions online, practice can be made at any time of day to suit the school day or lifestyle and schedules of families

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Instructor and Founder

my, school, yoga, caterpillar, toes, children, online, sessions, classes, class
Sophia Howard

Sophia started practicing yoga independently in her early 20's, however during both her pregnancies she found a great ante-natal yoga teacher which led her to a more dedicated practice and later the desire to share it with her children.

The beginning of Sophia's yoga career was in 2009 with the ‘Yoga Kids – Tools for schools’ course program. Sophia later went on to train with ‘Calm for Kids’ in 2010, completing all 3 modules to teach ages 3-18 years. Sophia has amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge teaching yoga to children and their families within primary and secondary schools for 9+ years – both as extra-curricular clubs and within the school day providing whole class sessions for all year groups.

During this time Sophia has also completed a 500 hour Level 4 Diploma in teaching yoga with the British Wheel of Yoga deepening her knowledge and experience greatly. Sophia has been teaching adult groups for 4+ years.

With 20 years yoga experience, Sophia’s practice continues to evolve as she remains an eternal student. Her self-practice is predominantly a graceful but subtly strong Hatha practice, whilst also enjoying classes of various styles twice weekly.


Sophia's breathing and meditation practices have played an important role over the years to deal with life’s challenges and for emotional and mental well-being. Sophia's comprehensive depth of knowledge and experience enables her to provide fulfilling yoga classes to a range of age groups.

This wealth of education and experience has lead to Sophia's instilled beliefs that all children should have equal opportunities to yoga practice enabling them to gain the tools and knowledge to lead happy and healthy lives in a physical, mental and emotional capacity.